NCCK Commences Coaching Boys Into Men Program

The NCCK has initiated a programme of empowering 300 football coaches to coach 7,500 boys aged 9 – 14 years who are in football clubs into responsible men who are non violent towards both genders.

The programme is equipping 30 coaches in each target county with knowledge and training materials. Each coach will thereafter undertake a 12-week coaching process with their teams by allocating 15 minutes per week to the initiative. Each week, the team will discuss one topic aimed at impacting different areas of their lives on the pitch and in the community.

The topics covered in the 12 sessions include Personal Responsibility, Insulting language, Disrespectful behavior towards women and girls, Digital disrespect, Understanding consent, Bragging about sexual reputation, When aggression crosses the line, There’s no excuse for abuse, Communicating boundaries, and, Modelling respect and promoting equity. At the end of the coaching, the team members will make a pledge to respect other, be non violent, and to partner with women and girls to promote gender equity in the community.

In partnership with the Christian Health Association of Kenya, the NCCK is training the coaches to integrate the mentorship programme in their team operations.

The counties covered by the project include Narok, Nakuru, Nyeri, Meru, Machakos, Kajiado, Mombasa, Kilifi, Nairobi and Kiambu.

3 thoughts on “NCCK Commences Coaching Boys Into Men Program”

  1. Judah Gikunda M'Manyara

    This program is very valuable not to the initiates only but to the whole nation. It will bring up disciplined men who will in turn be responsible disciplined leaders.

  2. Bravooooo to all who came with this program it is a very good move let’s Reach as many yths as we can Blessings

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